Can You Believe This?


This is a bag of chips containing different kinds of potato and other root crops. It claims to supply a serving of vegetables per ounce. Of course, we all know that potatoes and other root crops are not vegetables just as French fries are definitely not vegetables. However, I was hoping to find a healthier alternative to the regular chips. To my disappointment, the chips were greasy and salty. So, don’t be fooled like me, by the label when buying food.

It was wishful thinking on my part. I wanted so much to eat something crunchy and salty, but less sinful. This however, was a big disappointment. Junk food masquerading as healthy food is something each of us have to watch out for.

Happy eating!


Confessions of a Junk Food Mama

I was a junk food Mama. I loved processed food (for the convenience), and I hated fruits and vegetables. I only ate vegetables when I got pregnant. After pregnancy, I would go back to my old eating habits. My eldest son was only eight months when I got pregnant again. Together, we ate frozen everything while watching TV. For me, cooking was reheating frozen meals. We had decent meals only when my husband would bring us out to eat, after he came home from work at the hospital.

Life was very much like this until we were able to get foreign help. We hired the people who were with our family back home when I was a teenager. We got to eat home cooked meals then. Nonetheless, our home always had chips, drinks, and cookies, as well as processed meat in the pantry. When our youngest started school, we could not hire foreign help at all. It was back to eating out and frozen meals for the family. My kids started praying that I try cooking once in a while.

This went on until the day I noticed that I had to buy new clothes every year. I started eating less but would eat a “heavy breakfast,” since I was always told to eat a good breakfast. I felt that burgers, chips and soda was good. After all, I substituted soda for coffee. Alarm set in when I went to buy a swimsuit and had to get the XL size! That was terrible! I was always a small size until I had three kids. Then I went up to medium and the last few years I had to get a large once in a while, but XL? It was unthinkable. Years before, we joined a health club but since it was an hour away, we gave up and decided to cancel the membership. I lost 1 kilo after and gained it back again.

Finally, I told my husband that I want a special exercise chair for my birthday. This chair is supposed to move my body hula hoop style while I sat on it, and I will lose my belly fat that way. Talk about being desperate and gullible! Two months before my birthday, Jimmy and I met our weight management instructor. The rest is history. Jimmy and I lost 17 and 10 kilos respectively.

I went from a size XL to XS in 6 months. My Mom complained that I looked cachectic, so I gained weight to achieve a size S to M depending on the brand. Gaining weight is easy. It’s the losing weight that is more complicated. Jimmy and I succeeded because we worked as a team. If I was trying to lose weight but Jimmy was not, then I doubt that I would have succeeded.

We have since decided to help our friends lose weight. Three things we always tell people who ask us are:
1.) Never go hungry. Eat three meals a day.
2.) Eat your fruits, veggies, protein, and carbohydrates for every meal.
3.) Avoid the white menace: white flour, white sugar, white rice.

We always substitute, like brown sugar and rice for white sugar and rice respectively.

The good thing about changing our lifestyle is the energy and happiness we felt was we aged. W still eat, but it’s mostly home cooked meals now. I have learned to cook! Yay! I have a friend who cooks and bakes. She uses our kitchen to test her recipes. I just cook the simple stuff.

Here are some of our staples in the house:

Chocolate, cinnamon, oatmeal cookies


Flourless chocolate cake


But always, we have veggies.


…and fruits


This post was inspired by Glenn Pendlay, whose blog:,
made it to freshly pressed.