Are You Ready?

Taiwan is bracing for not one, but two typhoons. Yesterday, the supermarkets were packed with people stocking up on vegetables and fruits. This is one of the reasons why I was unable to post.

The other reason is that I have been chatting with my very busy sister in the US. She told me that she can teach me how to dry and pack food. She travels a lot and does not like to eat out. She prepares her own food. That is how she kept slim and fit despite her stressful job.

This information is heaven sent, as Jimmy and I want to develop a more convenient program for weight management. The biggest challenge is how to get kids and adults alike, to eat vegetables three times a day. We have trained our boys to eat iceberg or Romaine lettuce, while we like to munch on celery. However, most of our clients can not copy this, as they want something cooked to start their day. I will be writing more on this in the coming days.

Anyway, back to the typhoon. Classes have been suspended, and people in landslide prone areas have been evacuated. Everyone is on high alert.

I can not help but wonder if we have the same readiness when it comes to eternal life. While going about our daily chores, do we often ponder on our eligibility to enter the Kingdom of God? Do we make time for God and ask for directions on how to lead our lives so that we may one day be with Him?

As imperfect creatures, it is but natural to gloss over these thoughts, and even to deny them. However, our mortality is an eventuality, and the sooner we face these issues, the better our chances for heaven will be.

So, join me now as we carve some quiet time alone with God. Despite our busyness, the most important One of all, is God.


Thoughts on Manny Pacquiao’s Triumph


Many people might wonder why I am writing about Manny Pacquiao’s triumph. After all, Timothy Bradley was voted the winner in last Sunday’s questionable boxing bout, by two out of three judges.

For me, Manny still won in the hearts of his many fans, and definitely, the heavenly hosts think so, too. Manny never showed any signs of bitterness. He was still all smiles after the fight. It didn’t matter that many people believe this fight was rigged. It sure was painful for the family since this was the first time his children came to watch the fight. I feel for the children, who expected their father to win, but was not declared the winner. Anyone of lesser caliber would have succumbed to a meltdown. I probably might have.

But not Manny, who  said it was a test of his faith. He will stay strong and true to God. Only a man who has a strong faith in God can overcome the bitterness, frustration, and disappointment that is warranted in this scenario.

This sad story reminds me of a similar story many, many years ago. My younger sister was great at delivering speeches. She was the representative of our school in a Girl Scout meet, where she delivered a great oration. She was declared the winner and went on stage to claim her medal. However, someone protested because the first runner up was a PRISAA (one of those nationwide or regional competitions) winner. So, they physically removed the medal from her and gave it to the runner up, right there, on the stage!

My mother and my sister went home crestfallen. I was not able to attend because I was resting from a tooth extraction. When I heard about this injustice, I felt really bad. My sister did not dwell on it and went on to greater heights.

There are many stories out there of injustices. Life is not fair. However, God is fair. He sees everything and He will give everyone their due, in time.

I don’t watch the boxing fights because I am afraid of these. I just wait for the results. Like most, if not every Filipino, I want Manny to win in the ring. Manny is more than just a great boxer. He carries the dreams and hopes of the Filipino nation on his shoulders.

I am proud of Manny Pacquiao, not just because he is one of the (if not the) greatest boxers who ever lived, but because he is the model of a great athlete. What is a great athlete? A great athlete is one who, when he enters the locker room after the sports event, is still smiling. A spectator who did not see the match can not tell whether he won or  not. His faith in God does not depend upon the decision of any mortal. In his heart, he knows that he won the game for God.

Manny Pacquiao, you are a champion! You will always be a champion of the Lord! Godspeed!


Be Happy for Today

15 days to go before Dragon Boat festival.


I wake up today

I am happy for this

God has a plan for me

I hope to do it well


What will it be?

Is it to bring comfort?

Is it to listen well?

Or just to be there for a friend?


I am waiting Lord

I want to do Your will

Help me to be open

To the Holy Spirit’s promptings


To fulfill my dream

Of working

For your greater glory


What’s in a Name?


My friend relates that ever since Jeremy Lin got famous, she never had to spell her name again. When she’s asked how is her name spelled, she’ll reply, “It’s Lin, as in Jeremy Lin.”

For my part, it has not been that rosy. I’m Cha Lim and I did not have any problems before, where my surname was concerned. In the past two months, though, my name was misspelled twice, from “Lim” to “Lin.”

The first time this happened, it was an inconvenience. I had to request for a new document with the proper spelling. The second time a lady called to verify if it was an “M” or an “N?” I told the lady, “It’s L-I-M. M as in mother.” I did not realize that for that lady, “mother” is spelled, “nother.”

I was upset when I first received the letter. Then, I realized that we wrote “M” on the application form, and the lady called to verify. However, her mind was already made up that my name is “LIN,” and not “LIM.”

While I was fuming about this, I suddenly realized that the “Lin” name is very famous because of Jeremy Lin. I can’t argue with that. Jeremy Lin is a great model for the youth. This was the Gospel message of Bishop Su, during the Confirmation ceremony of my sons. Jeremy Lin even wears a bracelet that says, “I pray for God.” For this, I am so glad. Jeremy not only plays well, he can bring the message of salvation to a lot of people around the world.

Let’s go back to the subject of names. The surnames Lim, Lin, and Lam, all have the same Chinese character. However, the Romanized version is pronounced and spelled differently in the various Chinese dialects.  Lim is for Fookien, Lin is for Mandarin, and Lam is for Cantonese. It can be a bit confusing to a lot of people.

Thinking back, I should have used another way of clarifying the confusion. The Taiwanese pronounce ” M” quite differently. The letter “M” is pronounced, “Emo,” which rhymes with, “Elmo,” of Sesame Street fame. If I had used that, then, I would have no problem at all!

16 more days to go until Dragon Boat festival!


The hour is near

So many say

Of the Lord’s coming

So come and hear


Christ Jesus died

For you and me

So we can forever be

With God for all eternity


Why do we need Him?

You sigh and ask

Are not good works

Enough for us?


Good works are good

But not enough

No one is perfect

Except our Lord


To gain entry

At the pearly gates

Jesus is our one-way ticket

To our heavenly home


So listen up

Dear brothers and sister

It’s not too late

Commit yourself


Repent of your sins

Accept Jesus Christ

As Lord and Savior

So we can be together, forever.


See you in heaven!!!

17 days to go before our experiment!

Inner Peace

Inner Peace


I have been seeking inner peace
For half a century now
I searched for inner peace
In the beaches of Hawaii and Boracay

In religious retreats
In churches and monasteries
In the forest and on mountaintops
I do get some semblance of peace

But only for a little while
When I go back to my daily grind
Inner peace is gone
Where did it go?

Inner peace is as elusive
As a rainbow on a sunny day
What do I do?
I am at my wit’s end

Then the Lord spoke to me
My child, inner peace comes
When you stop and talk to Me awhile
I’m the only One who can give you,



I have always loved rainbows. They signify hope for mankind. The rainbow is a sign of God’s covenant with Noah that never again will there be a great flood on earth. The song, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” always makes me teary-eyed. It brings back memories of growing up with the entire family together through thick and thin. These days, we are scattered over the world, with me and my family being able to go home twice a year, as we are the closest to home.

At one time, while I was grappling with the major decision of marrying Jimmy and leaving my family and my medical practice behind, I asked God for a sign. I have always consulted God when making major decisions.

I wanted to obtain God’s blessings if I should migrate to a foreign land. After a week long retreat, I went to mass. As I was walking back to the car, I looked back at the church and saw …a rainbow! It was a bright sunny morning, and it wasn’t even showering. I took the rainbow as a sign from God saying, “Yes!” That is what gave me the courage to commit. Years later, when friends would wonder how I got the courage to leave everything and move to a country where I did not speak the language, I tell them the story of the rainbow.

Through the years, when life would become a puzzle, I never forgot to consult God. I have so many questions, and God is the only One who does not get tired of listening to me.

God is our loving Father who wants what’s best for us. He has a sense of humor, too. Thus, when God  wants to say, “Absolutely yes!!!” This is what He sends:

My question at that time was, “God should I choose this career? I was not trained for this.” And this is God’s reply. The double rainbow stayed for a long time and we were able to take several shots with our cell phones.

So, here I am…enjoying every bit of this career, despite the ups and downs we have encountered. I wrote this post to remind myself that God is in control, and that I must trust in His Divine Providence, and so can you.

Good day to all!

Oh! To have the innocence of a baby…


To have the faith and trust of a child…that is what I aim to achieve. This is no simple matter. While we were growing up, the world conspired to ingrain in us the concept that we are the masters of our fate. The harder we work, the more we will succeed. Thus, we get depressed when we fail, and it is very difficult for us to remain humble when we succeed.

However, many of us do not succeed. We try our very best, we do everything we were instructed by mentors, but we still fall short of our goal. Then we realize that if we rely only on our selves, we will eventually lose steam, and get burnt out. When we accept the fact that we are not super humans, then we fall on our knees, and ask for God’s help.

It took me about 5 decades to realize that success in life is not measured by how much money we have in the bank, but by how many true friends we have. I am presently reading, “Let God Help You to Help Yourself,” a collection of works by Og Mandino, James Allen, Jimmy Carter, and Stella Terrill Mann, compiled by Cecelia Reed. The cover states: “Self-confidence through understanding God’s deep desire for your success.”

There are several nuggets of wisdom in this tiny book. One in particular is speaking to me right now. It says, “He who has conquered doubt and fear has conquered failure…Thought allied fearlessly to purpose becomes creative force…” Now, how does one conquer doubt and fear? It is by relying on God that we can conquer these destructive forces that tend to make us fail in life.

After half a century on planet earth, I am finally getting it. How about you?

*I can not take credit for the lovely photo of this child. I just downloaded it many months ago from Facebook, before I decided to deactivate it to allow more time for blogging.