Are You Ready?

Taiwan is bracing for not one, but two typhoons. Yesterday, the supermarkets were packed with people stocking up on vegetables and fruits. This is one of the reasons why I was unable to post.

The other reason is that I have been chatting with my very busy sister in the US. She told me that she can teach me how to dry and pack food. She travels a lot and does not like to eat out. She prepares her own food. That is how she kept slim and fit despite her stressful job.

This information is heaven sent, as Jimmy and I want to develop a more convenient program for weight management. The biggest challenge is how to get kids and adults alike, to eat vegetables three times a day. We have trained our boys to eat iceberg or Romaine lettuce, while we like to munch on celery. However, most of our clients can not copy this, as they want something cooked to start their day. I will be writing more on this in the coming days.

Anyway, back to the typhoon. Classes have been suspended, and people in landslide prone areas have been evacuated. Everyone is on high alert.

I can not help but wonder if we have the same readiness when it comes to eternal life. While going about our daily chores, do we often ponder on our eligibility to enter the Kingdom of God? Do we make time for God and ask for directions on how to lead our lives so that we may one day be with Him?

As imperfect creatures, it is but natural to gloss over these thoughts, and even to deny them. However, our mortality is an eventuality, and the sooner we face these issues, the better our chances for heaven will be.

So, join me now as we carve some quiet time alone with God. Despite our busyness, the most important One of all, is God.


A Solution to every Problem….

The day before yesterday, I shared this photo in my post. I also promised that I will give the answer to the problem in one of my future posts. That post is for today. For those who have not read the previous post, these are the instructions.

1.) There are 13 nails and a box.

2.) How do you arrange the nails so that only one nail is supporting all 12 nails?

HINT: Think out of the box. Many thanks to Outbound Taiwan, who introduced us to this puzzle. Outbound Taiwan is an organization that trains people for team building. Jimmy and I enjoyed every minute of our interaction with the people behind the organization.

Before I show the solution, I’d like to discuss the issue of problems and solutions. Life is always fraught with problems. I don’t welcome problems with open arms, but after more than 5 decades on planet Earth, I realized that problems are opportunities hiding behind hard work. Since many people don’t like hard work, many opportunities pass by unnoticed.

I have been listening to Bill Johnson. He says that stress and problems tend to make people stay connected to God. The difficult part in life is to stay connected to God even when the blessings come. Yet, God wants to give us His blessings, if only we can still stay connected to Him.

I have also listened to Larry Randolph speak about the need for a shift in thinking to achieve the results we are seeking. With this nails and box problem, it needs a minor tweak (as Larry would put it), to get the solution.

Many times, we have many questions that don’t seem to have any answers. My youngest son always has these questions that bog my down. This is especially true after his daily Bible reading. As I am not an apologist, I refer him to Scott Hahn, Tim Gray, or Jeff Cavins. Nonetheless, I always remind my family to aim for heaven, where all our questions in this life will be answered. I guess this is my way of simplifying my life.

I may not have all the answers to life’s mystifying questions. However, my soul is content in knowing that I am aiming for heaven where all my questions will be answered, no matter how mind boggling these may be.

So, how do you arrange it such that 1 nail is supporting all 12?

Here’s the solution…

Have an awesome day!!!

End Time Army…Notes on John Paul Jackson’s Prophecy

I have been listening to John Paul Jackson’s prophecy on YouTube. The most touching part of his story is the vision of his friend, Bob Jones. For more details on this vision, just look up John Paul Jackson, prophecy overview, with details, January 2, 2012.

He mentions God’s end time army. This army is composed of the best warriors for the Kingdom of God. They are alive today. That means you and me. 

John Paul Jackson (JPJ) reveals what God told him to tell us, God’s people:

1.) Don’t overreact to a lot of media hype and spin. Much of what the media says is going to happen, doesn’t happen, and what is going to happen, they don’t say.

JPJ explains: TV creates fear in the heart, and removes hope in God. Anxiety happens and this leads to depression. Anxiety is not the fruit of righteousness. So, JPJ leaves it all to God and says, “Lord, it is all up to You.”

God has been preparing us, His people, for this very hour. We have an ability no one else in our bloodline has. We are God’s end time warriors and saints. God told Bob that He has saved the best of every generation until now, and we have the ability for the Kingdom of God. Our lives on earth are not accidental. We were brought to life today, to be a solution to somebody else’s problems and needs.

So, in whatever it is that we do, we must pray to God for guidance, so we can fulfill our purpose on earth.

2.) Simplify and streamline your life.

3.) Reconnect with family and friends. Relationship and friendship plays a significant role in helping, encouraging, and sustaining each other. Develop and reestablish friendships with family and friends.

4.) Rethink your focus. Think in terms of real food, real need, real energy, and real money. Real food means nutritious food that will keep for at least 2 weeks without refrigeration. Real need are hygiene products like deodorant, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, etc. Real energy when there is a cyber attack, so stock up on batteries and bicycles. Real money means two weeks’ worth of cash. Use barter if there is inflation. Whatever you do, take possession of whatever it is you bank on. In the end, all of this is between you and God.

5.) Become an influence in the place where you are. This is a time of innovation and promotion. But for those who don’t know God, it will be a time of anguish. They will be thinking of everything they lost.

Heavenly thinking: “God knows about this, He has a plan, and I am going to go through it.”

Earthly thinking: “I lost everything.”

Therefore, if your mind is on earthly thoughts, you will never achieve the new invention. You’ll never know the new innovation. You’ll never know what is going to be the need of the people and meet that need so that there will transfer of wealth to the hands of the Godly.

6.) Don’t chase trends. Study them and take advantage of them. Needs are going to abound, so ask God for solutions to those needs, and you’ll succeed when your peers are failing.

7.) Take more time to listen to God. Make it a true dialogue and not a monologue about all the things you want from God. It’s about God speaking, you speaking. Take time to still your heart before the Lord. Peace is the potting soil for revelation. The Holy Spirit of Peace brings peace and therefore revelation, which is what we all need to be the influence God has called us to be. Your peace, your love, your answers, your solutions to problems, will set you apart from others who have not yet found God.

You will then become the light that will lead others to God. You can radiate the light of God. You are the light of the world. Jesus said that the Kingdom begins within us. We are children of Light, because God is light.

You should arise and shine! Bless you!

We give our heartfelt gratitude to John Paul Jackson for his dedication to his calling, and to SomeLittleShoe for posting on YouTube.