Change One Undesirable Habit

Changing many undesirable habits all at once is like trying to hit several tennis balls simultaneously. It’s just impossible. The truth is, if we focus on just one habit at a time, our tiny success in overcoming the undesirable habit will enable us to cause a ripple effect such that we will eventually change other related, undesirable habits.

When I was a child, I remember a story entitled, “The Magic Geranium.” It was about a woman whose house was very untidy, and who moped around the house all day long. (This is the description of a depressed person).

One day, her friend gave her a geranium, telling her that it was magic. The woman did not believe in magic, but since she did not want to offend her friend, she put the flower in vase and poured water into the vase. Then, she sat down to look at it.

While looking at the pretty flower, she realized that the table was too shabby, and decided to paint the table. Then, she painted the chairs, then the walls, and finally, she cleaned up the room. She cleaned the entire house, and even cooked dinner for her husband, something she has not done for a long time. The husband was quite surprised when he came home that night. “What happened?” He exclaimed. The woman answered, that it was all because of the magic geranium.

In real life, this kind of transformation does not happen in a matter of hours. However, the concept is there. Changing just one undesirable habit will cause a chain of reactions that will lead to a better person and a better life.

A little tweak of our eating habits can lead to better nutrition. Below is a suggestion for a meal. Just add good carbohydrates like brown rice or sweet potato (if you are not diabetic), and you’re good to go.

Have a great weekend!


A Silent Plea of the Unborn Child


Dear Momma,

I want you to know that I will always love you. I long to feel the warmth of your arms should you decide to give birth to me. Right now, my heart is aching, knowing that you are thinking of killing me.

I do not know your reasons for considering this plan of action. You might be frightened because of what other people might say, or do to you. The sheer impossibility of raising a child when you are barely out of your teens might seem overwhelming. You think that you can’t handle the responsibility of being an unwed mother, or you simply can not have another mouth to feed. You are ashamed because you think that you are too old to have a baby.

Whatever your reasons for planning to abort me, please reconsider your decision. God has a special mission for me to make the world a better place to live in. If you send me back to heaven before I fulfill my special purpose on earth, no one can take my place. The chance to improve mankind is gone forever. In my own little way, I can contribute to the betterment of humanity. Please let me live! I want so much to be with you.

In the event that this plea comes a little too late, do not despair. God will forgive you, if only you will sincerely repent and ask forgiveness of this sin. I want you here with me in heaven, Momma. If I can’t be with you on earth, at least, meet me in heaven when your time comes.

There’s one more thing I want you to promise me. In despair, do not attempt to harm or kill yourself. If you do so, it will be impossible for you to get to heaven. I want you here, with me. While on earth, look for ways to atone for aborting me. Speak out for the unborn child, in my behalf.

Remember that I love you, always. Despite the dark and stormy clouds, the sun will always shine. Take care, my dear Momma. God be with you!


Lovingly yours,

Your unborn child