Typhoon watch

Typhoon Tembin is on the way and Taiwan is prepared. In the east, the winds are pretty strong already. Classes in most cities are suspended. Flights both international and domestic will be cancelled after noon.

Below is a photo of the skies taken from our apartment. It’s like the calm before the storm.



I just got back from buying extra fruits and vegetables. I looked at what other people were buying at the supermarket, and was dismayed to see cookies and instant noodles as well as soda and fruit juices in tetra paks. Since ghost month started in Taiwan, people buy all sorts of cookies, biscuits, sodas, and canned goods to use as offering to their ancestors.

I am saddened because I can not just tell them outright that these are not good for their bodies, that these will ruin their health. I’m sorry to say that as I scanned the long lines going through check out, I was the only one buying fruits. I bought my vegetables from a local farmers market earlier. The fruit vendors did not come today, thus I had to go to the supermarket.

In the days ahead, I pray to God to give me the opportunity to send a message out to as many people about the dangers of eating convenience and processed food.

May God bless us all!