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I have been doing some research and I can’t write on my blog for the moment. In the meantime, I’m enjoying the blogs that I’m following. Keep it up fellow bloggers. You make the world go round!


Thank you

Thank you to George who is super sweet for nominating my blog to this Super Sweet Award. His blog site is: He loves satay and peanut butter, among other things.

These are the blogs I chose to nominate:!/cover

To those who I’ve nominated, these are the rules of the award-

Thank the blogger who nominated you for the award.
Nominate other bloggers who you think deserve the award.
Answer five simple but super sweet questions.
And, finally, here are the questions with my answers below.

Cookies or Cake?
Chocolate or Vanilla?
Definitely chocolate
What’s Your Favourite Sweet Treat?
Cinnamon bread courtesy of my good friend Malou
When Do You Crave Sweet Things The Most?
During the wintertime
If You Had A Sweet Nickname, What Would It Be?
Chocolate Mama

It’s good to be back…

To my dear friends and fellow bloggers!

It’s good to be back after a long vacation. I was unable to open WordPress and write my blogs. It was pouring in Iloilo and we did not get to visit places we wanted to go to. We stayed indoors most of the time. I can’t complain though, as we had quality family time.

I just missed meeting Apple as planned. We will get to see each other the next time we are in Iloilo.

Have a great week ahead everyone!


Jimmy and Cha

Thank you to Apple…

For nominating my blog to the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.


I love Apple’s posts. They remind me of my hometown, Iloilo. When I think of Apple, I think of the word, “sincere.” She’s what we describe in Tagalog, “tutuong, tutuo.” This is Apple’s link:

Seven things about me:

  1. I’m a psychiatrist turned entrepreneur, but being a wife and mom describes me best.
  2. I followed my husband to Taiwan, but we want to move back to Iloilo in the near future.
  3. I only travel because of my business.
  4. My idea of a good time is curling up in my favorite massage chair and reading a good book.
  5. I love date nights with my husband.
  6. I enjoy discussing religion and other matters with my children.
  7. I love to eat.

So here are 15 blogs that inspire me:

Here are the rules:

1. Display the award logo somewhere on your blog.
2. Link back to the blog of the person who nominated you.
3. State seven things about yourself.
4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award and provide links to their blogs.
5. Notify those bloggers that they have been nominated and of the award’s requirements.

Congratulations to everyone! I really enjoy reading your posts, and thanks once again to Apple

I will be going on another trip and won’t be posting for a while. So, to my fellow bloggers and friends, have fun with whatever it is that you do!




Thank you for the Sunshine Award Renee and Pallas


Thanks to Renee and Pallas for the Sunshine Award!

We would like to thank randpphotoalbums for nominating our blog the Sunshine Award! I love their photos about wide open spaces and nature at its best. New Zealand is on the top of the list of our places to visit. Thank you so much!

The rules for the Sunshine Award are as follows:

  • Link the award to the person that gave it to you
  • Answer the questions that come with the award
  • Pass the award along to 10 new people and let them know that they’ve received it

Questions about us:

  • Favorite number: 8
  • Favorite non-alcoholic Splash C
  • Facebook or Twitter: I use Facebook only to keep in touch with family and special friends. There are some instances where I accepted a friend request and found their posts annoying. These are the ones who post everything about their lives except their trips to the bathroom.
  • My passion: Reading, writing, helping others look and feel young.
  • Favorite pattern: plain and simple designs
  • Favorite day of the week: every day
  • Favorite flower: roses

The third rule is to pass the award on to 10 other people. Here is who we’ve nominated (in no particular order):











A New Week…

Jimmy and I were chatting about weight loss and how people go about trying to lose weight. We were sampling an audiobook by Gary Taubes entitled, “Why We Get Fat: and What To Do About It.” It’s a great book, and I think I will buy it. I’m just trying to decide whether I should get the audio book or the printed one.

One thing we realized is that many people prefer to lose weight by eating less and exercising. This is the old and mistaken paradigm that has led society into a spiral of obesity of epidemic proportions. As early as the 1930’s during the Great Depression, when people did not have much to eat, the German pediatrician, Hilde Bruch observed the alarming increase in obesity in American children, when she arrived in New York. This story is mentioned in the book.

Not a few people who asked about our program walked away saddened because they felt the price was not cheap. They decided to exercise instead. However, when one really considers the amount of time needed to lose weight with exercise, then one comes out relatively poorer. Let me explain. When we spend money to enroll in a weight management program that has been proven to achieve excellent results, it might seem that we are spending a lot. However, we can earn money, but we could never earn back the time we spend to travel to the gym, change our clothes, sweat it out for at least an hour, maybe hire a personal trainer, change into our street clothes and travel back to work or to our homes. We’ve done this before, and I don’t think I have the motivation to do it all over again, when I can lose my unwanted fats in the comfort of my home. I don’t like hourlong exercises. I like to walk and do a few toning exercises, but exercising to lose weight is not my cup of tea.

But then again, to each his own. We have a friend who exercises two hours a day, come rain or shine. If it works for him, I have no problem with that. For more information on why people get fat, I suggest reviewing the book of Gary Taubes on Amazon. It’s going to change the way you feel about weight management.


New blog…

Dear Everyone,

Jimmy and I have decided to open another blog: to chronicle our foray into the world of nutrition. It will be a daily challenge. I might not be able to write as often in this blog site. Thank you all for reading and following my posts. I will still read and follow your posts, as your posts really make my day.

I have recently come to this conclusion: Bloggers are awesome!!! They are the friendliest lot!!!Image

Fastfood for Convenience

My son’s class went to a burger joint to observe how the food was prepared. This was part of their class project. Afterwards, the students ordered a meal of burgers, fries, and a large soda. To many of the students, it’s unthinkable to go to a fastfood restaurant and not order anything. So, they offered to share their fries and sodas with my son. My son was embarassed to refuse their offers, but he did it anyway, because of what I have been reading from a book entitled, “Fastfood Nation.”

For those of you who want to know more about what goes on behind the scene of burger and fries preparation, this book is a must read. I warn you though, that once you finish reading the book, you’ll never want to eat burgers and fries that are not homemade.

Most people know that fastfood is not good for the body. It is not natural. The body has difficulty digesting fastfood, so what it can’t digest, it puts into storage. Our belly, thighs, and underarms then become the warehouses where food that the body cannot utilize is stored. It’s as simple as this.

However, many of us (myself included before I changed my ways), think that a trip to a fastfood joint once in a while won’t hurt. Pretty soon, it becomes once a week, then thrice a week, and maybe daily when we find ourselves too busy to prepare our meals.

Furthermore, fastfood is cheap and we can eat it on the go. So, convenience, low price, and that enticing smell of fries create cravings that people who eat fastfood can not resist.

However, for us who have not eaten fries for years, we can’t stand the rancid smell of these chemically engineered food. It’s like a smoker and a non-smoker. A non-smoker can not stand the smell of cigarettes, but a smoker can. In fact, the smokers’ sense of smell is ruined.

So, back to the burger and fries story. It seems that this particular chain offers a scratch and win card for purchase of their food. The prizes include a car, gold jewelry, and an iPad. Hmmm. That’s very interesting. Sales must be down. Otherwise, if the food is good and sales is not a problem, why would they offer such big prizes?

11 more days before dragon Boat festival!