Lunch at Pinococo

19 days to go before Dragon Boat Festival!

On Sundays, we eat out after attending the 11:30 am mass. We wanted to try a popular Italian restaurant named Pinococo. It’s so popular that we were able to eat at 2:30 pm after waiting for almost an hour. By then, we were very hungry and a bit grouchy. The staff was very nice, though and the food was superb.

So, if you find yourself in Taichung, try this restaurant on Gong Yi Road.

I’m sharing some photos of the food we ordered.


Salad Nicoise


The pasta…



The pizza…


The beer…by the way, I got tipsy halfway through this bottle, but it was really yummy. I had to sleep it off and had a raging headache when I woke up. I vowed never to drink beer again.


The perfect cappuccino after one sip. It looks like a boxing glove to me.


Finally, the eye catching restroom sign. I just had to take a photo. The lady who was waiting outside the door thought I’d gone bonkers. Oh well…

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