Somewhere in Miaoli

At the end of summer last year, Jimmy and I decided to go on a retreat. We wanted to look into what we really wanted in life. Jimmy found this tiny bed and breakfast cottage, tucked in the rural area of Miaoli. It was located beside a manmade lake. There are only three rooms for overnight stay, but the place is full of people who want to partake of their excellent meals.

I am sharing some photos we took while we were there.


People can dine underneath trees and even dip their feet into the water while eating their fine meal. That explains the chairs in the water.


I just woke up in this photo and I started writing my goals with a white feather pen. I just love the atmosphere.


The lake takes on different moods depending on the time of the day.


The place is 勻淨湖. Thanks to Jimmy for writing down the name of the place.

Have a great day, everyone!

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