Peaceful Protest Rally

Last Saturday’s protest rally was quite peaceful. We were a huge group of people who came from all over Taiwan. I did not take any photos because I had my hands full of water bottles, placards, and of course, the ubiquitous umbrella. There were so many cameras that I’m sure our images will be taking up a lot of space in numerous Facebook pages.

The rally was really about justice. Before the group presented the petition for just compensation, there was a short skit, dancing and singing, as well as speeches outside City Hall.

We joined the protest to support the group, and not to make trouble. Many people who join protest rallies, just to be heard. I saw an elderly lady talking to one of the many policemen who were monitoring the rally. I do hope that the city will give a favorable response to the petition to create a win-win situation.

To end this post, I will share a photo of a puzzle. I will give the answer to the puzzle in one of my subsequent posts.

The puzzle: There are 13 nails and a wooden box. How does one arrange the nails so that one nail supports all the other 12?

It looks impossible, but it is doable. It’s just like the problems in life. They may seem overwhelming a lot of times, but there is always a solution to them.

Have fun!

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