Carton King Park

Carton King Park is a very interesting place. The furniture is made of cardboard, the curtains are made of paper, and the plates, cups, and other amenities are made of either paper or cardboard. It’s a good thing the food does not taste like cardboard.


Even the high chair for children is made of cardboard.


The beverage box can be recycled and used for a piggy bank.


The atmosphere is relaxed and inviting.






Outside the restaurant, visitor can stroll down the meandering path that reminds one of fairytales, where pumpkins turn into carriages. This is another great place to visit, if only for its uniqueness.


7 thoughts on “Carton King Park

  1. Hi Audz, here’s the address and other details of Carton King Park:
    Carton King Creativity Park
    (04) 2461-8553
    1, Lane 281, XiTun Rd, Sec 3
    Hours: outdoors 10 am-10 pm
    story-house 11 am-9 pm
    11am~9:30pm (restaurant service
    11 am-2 pm,5 pm-8:30 pm weekdays;
    holidays 10:30am~8:30pmοΌ‰
    NT$80/person minimum purchase.
    10% service charge. Credit cards accepted

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