A little bit of Europe in Taiwan


Believe it or not, this photo was not taken in Europe, but this is the exact replica of a castle in Edinburgh. It is located in Nantou County, Taiwan. We went to this lovely hotel last summer and we had the most amazing time in the world. Despite the summer heat in the city, the weather here was simply adorable. There was no need for air-conditioning inside the rooms.

Story has it that the owner went to Europe, fell in love with the castle, and set about constructing a replica in Taiwan. I am so glad he did it, because we get to share this wonderful experience with our family, without the hustle and bustle of travel.

The food was glorious, and the staff was very friendly. Everything about the place suggested that guests were royalty, and were treated as such. The furniture and even the fireplace were shipped from Europe. After dinner, guests were treated to whiskey or brandy or bottled water (if one did not care for spirits), while listening to a fine selection of music from the masters. It was like being in an opera house. The sound system alone was said to be in the hundred thousand dollar range.

When we retired to our well appointed suite, we enjoyed wine while watching the fire glow in the fireplace. The bed and the pillows were so comfortable, only the threat of missing the sumptuous breakfast, made me get up reluctantly.

Although it was a week day, the place was full of diners and stay-in guests. This hotel package was worth every dollar we spent and more. So, if you are looking for a great place to stay in the hills of Nantou, look up “The Old England.” It’s a great family retreat!









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