Oh! To have the innocence of a baby…


To have the faith and trust of a child…that is what I aim to achieve. This is no simple matter. While we were growing up, the world conspired to ingrain in us the concept that we are the masters of our fate. The harder we work, the more we will succeed. Thus, we get depressed when we fail, and it is very difficult for us to remain humble when we succeed.

However, many of us do not succeed. We try our very best, we do everything we were instructed by mentors, but we still fall short of our goal. Then we realize that if we rely only on our selves, we will eventually lose steam, and get burnt out. When we accept the fact that we are not super humans, then we fall on our knees, and ask for God’s help.

It took me about 5 decades to realize that success in life is not measured by how much money we have in the bank, but by how many true friends we have. I am presently reading, “Let God Help You to Help Yourself,” a collection of works by Og Mandino, James Allen, Jimmy Carter, and Stella Terrill Mann, compiled by Cecelia Reed. The cover states: “Self-confidence through understanding God’s deep desire for your success.”

There are several nuggets of wisdom in this tiny book. One in particular is speaking to me right now. It says, “He who has conquered doubt and fear has conquered failure…Thought allied fearlessly to purpose becomes creative force…” Now, how does one conquer doubt and fear? It is by relying on God that we can conquer these destructive forces that tend to make us fail in life.

After half a century on planet earth, I am finally getting it. How about you?

*I can not take credit for the lovely photo of this child. I just downloaded it many months ago from Facebook, before I decided to deactivate it to allow more time for blogging.

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