Getting angry…

…and letting go, without hurting anyone.

In my younger days, I had difficulty controlling my temper. It took a lot of prayer, meditation, and retreats to get to this state of partial inner peace that I am in today. This is because I actively sought this state of mind.

Before I got to this stage, I had a trick that I will share in this blog. I would write a letter to my perceived “enemy.” Everything I felt and wanted to say, I wrote down. After having spent my anger on the keyboard, I would delete the letter and forget about it. It was like writing on the sand and letting the waves wash away the words of hate, anger, and frustration that welled up in me. It was a sweet release and I did not hurt anyone. I came upon this technique after a rather embarrassing moment in my life. I was new to Facebook. I wrote on someone’s wall and she wrote back. Then, I spilled my guts out on her wall, not knowing that everyone in our friends’ list can read the sad story. It was only when I realized this that I deleted the message.

So I told myself, “never again,” will I write something that will hurt anyone, even if it’s to make me feel better. If you are having anger management problems, try this technique. It helped me. It might help you. Have a great day!

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