To be salt and light…

Jimmy and I have decided to lead our lives according to the Gospel. Now, this is a tall order, especially in a world where Christians are the minority. In our business circle, I took a lot of heat when I refused to attend an important meeting that was scheduled on Christmas Day. I argued that Christmas Day is for the Lord, not for business! Now, our business associates know that I will never put business before the Lord.

Our sons also have this obligation to witness to our faith. It was difficult at first, when our youngest was ridiculed by some classmates who found saying grace before meals was strange. Nonetheless, because of his inherent goodness and willingness to help others, his classmates finally accepted him.

It’s a difficult road ahead, especially when one is surrounded by non-believers. But love for Christ ultimately leads to love for others. My guiding rule as to how to become the salt and light of the earth, is to live each day the way Jesus wants us to live. When faced with opposition, I don’t argue anymore. For me, it’s not a matter of who wins the argument. I just smile and pray to the Holy Spirit to guide me and the person I am talking to. Only the Holy Spirit can move a person to accept our Lord Jesus. My only role is to introduce, then I stand aside and let the Advocate do miracles on the person I care about.

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