God Alone is Enough by Slawomir Biela

This is the tilte of the book by Slawomir Biela, a doctor of solid physics, professor of engineering in Warsaw. He is one of the founders of the Families of Nazareth Movement, a group for family spirituality.

Today, I feel the need to share this book as it has helped me look at life from a different perspective, especially when the cares and problems of the world tend to overwhelm me. It has kept me grounded in the fact that all of these earthly things are just for a season, and that all we really need is God. That means total reliance on God.

The book advises that we do our best, but that the outcome is entirely up to God. It doesn’t mean that we will stop everything we are doing now, and just wait for God to work miracles for us. The point is not to despair when things don’t go according to plan, because God has a better plan for us.

Finally, the author tells us to discover God in everything. He warns that the created world can become a true source of reliance for a person who does not have a close relationship with God. Thus, he reminds us that God’s love permeates every event, which is designed by God to direct us toward Him and to our eventual union with Him.

This eventual union with God is our only purpose in life, and there’s nothing else that will satisfy us for in our search for happiness, the truth is…God alone is enough.


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