Mother’s Day…

…has come and gone, but us Moms are still here. We are still doing the washing and the cleaning, and the driving, and the cheerleading (for when our kids are down in the dumps).

I had a great time with my boys yesterday. We went to their Confirmation rehearsal, and made new friends from the Chinese mass (we belong to the English mass), perused the Jade Market, and had dinner at a Japanese Restaurant.

There’s something nice about sitting back and relaxing while my two grown-up sons prepare dinner for me. This Japanese restaurant is a buffet, shabu-shabu style where patrons are expected to cook their own food. Vegetables and meat are prepared for cooking, and diners have to cook the food themselves. When the kids were young, I never ventured into these restaurants. I figured, if I eat out, might as well enjoy and not cook. Now, this is one great business! Our dinner was excellent! However, we were not completely happy as hubby had to work the weekend shift at the hospital. So, he was not able to join us. Next year will be different. We are working towards becoming financially free so we can have more time for God and family.

Moving on…Moms everywhere (whether working outside or inside the home) need more than one day of recognition. So if today you haven’t done it yet, call your Mom and tell her you love her. Here’s something I just discovered LINE, a new free phone service for iPhone and Smartphones. If you feel like sending an email, go ahead and do it now. Whatever you do, try to remember your Mom as often as you can. If she’s already in heaven, then ask for her guidance and maybe whisper a favorable word or two for you, to headquarters up there.

Have a great week everyone!

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