What’s up Doc?

I have always associated this question with Bugs Bunny. I can just imagine Bugs munching on his carrot, languidly asking Elmer Fudd, how the latter is faring.

Naturally, Elmer is fuming because he still hasn’t found a way to capture “that wabbit.” Elmer tries everything, but he is always outwitted by Bugs Bunny. Sometimes, Elmer thinks he finally got Bugs, but in the end, Bugs is always one step ahead of him.

I have just finished reading an article about doctors who want to get out of clinical practice. They want  a career change, but don’t know how to go about it. If doctors are not careful, they might become the Elmer Fudds of this world.

It’s too bad when that happens, because doctors are among the most hardworking people in the world. They have been trained to work under pressure, and to put other people first before themselves.

Nonetheless, there comes a time when most, if not all doctors experience burn-out. Some go back to getting another diploma. Others take on leadership roles like becoming a hospital director. Still others become writers, astronauts, media consultants, career coaches, and politicians. Many want to  lead more leisurely lives, and spend their days fishing or retiring to Las Vegas.

Not all doctors have the luxury of retiring, especially when they had to pay off large college loans at the beginning of their practice.

So, how can doctors become more like Bugs Bunny? These are my suggestions: Take a self-assessment test to determine where their passions lie. Next, get some networking skills and learn how to use social media to widen their network of friends. Finally, take self-development courses in line with their passion. For example, doctors who want to write can take short writing courses while still in the clinics.  Whatever the doctor puts his/her mind into, he/she can do it. After all, who survived sleepless nights studying for that Anatomy exam, or going on 24 hour shifts with relatives shouting at you for asking too many questions while the patient is groaning in pain?

You might be wondering why I am writing on this topic. Well, I’m a psychiatrist turned entrepreneur/writer/business coach, and I’m lovin’ it!

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