A Silent Plea of the Unborn Child


Dear Momma,

I want you to know that I will always love you. I long to feel the warmth of your arms should you decide to give birth to me. Right now, my heart is aching, knowing that you are thinking of killing me.

I do not know your reasons for considering this plan of action. You might be frightened because of what other people might say, or do to you. The sheer impossibility of raising a child when you are barely out of your teens might seem overwhelming. You think that you can’t handle the responsibility of being an unwed mother, or you simply can not have another mouth to feed. You are ashamed because you think that you are too old to have a baby.

Whatever your reasons for planning to abort me, please reconsider your decision. God has a special mission for me to make the world a better place to live in. If you send me back to heaven before I fulfill my special purpose on earth, no one can take my place. The chance to improve mankind is gone forever. In my own little way, I can contribute to the betterment of humanity. Please let me live! I want so much to be with you.

In the event that this plea comes a little too late, do not despair. God will forgive you, if only you will sincerely repent and ask forgiveness of this sin. I want you here with me in heaven, Momma. If I can’t be with you on earth, at least, meet me in heaven when your time comes.

There’s one more thing I want you to promise me. In despair, do not attempt to harm or kill yourself. If you do so, it will be impossible for you to get to heaven. I want you here, with me. While on earth, look for ways to atone for aborting me. Speak out for the unborn child, in my behalf.

Remember that I love you, always. Despite the dark and stormy clouds, the sun will always shine. Take care, my dear Momma. God be with you!


Lovingly yours,

Your unborn child


A Solution to every Problem….

The day before yesterday, I shared this photo in my post. I also promised that I will give the answer to the problem in one of my future posts. That post is for today. For those who have not read the previous post, these are the instructions.

1.) There are 13 nails and a box.

2.) How do you arrange the nails so that only one nail is supporting all 12 nails?

HINT: Think out of the box. Many thanks to Outbound Taiwan, who introduced us to this puzzle. Outbound Taiwan is an organization that trains people for team building. Jimmy and I enjoyed every minute of our interaction with the people behind the organization.

Before I show the solution, I’d like to discuss the issue of problems and solutions. Life is always fraught with problems. I don’t welcome problems with open arms, but after more than 5 decades on planet Earth, I realized that problems are opportunities hiding behind hard work. Since many people don’t like hard work, many opportunities pass by unnoticed.

I have been listening to Bill Johnson. He says that stress and problems tend to make people stay connected to God. The difficult part in life is to stay connected to God even when the blessings come. Yet, God wants to give us His blessings, if only we can still stay connected to Him.

I have also listened to Larry Randolph speak about the need for a shift in thinking to achieve the results we are seeking. With this nails and box problem, it needs a minor tweak (as Larry would put it), to get the solution.

Many times, we have many questions that don’t seem to have any answers. My youngest son always has these questions that bog my down. This is especially true after his daily Bible reading. As I am not an apologist, I refer him to Scott Hahn, Tim Gray, or Jeff Cavins. Nonetheless, I always remind my family to aim for heaven, where all our questions in this life will be answered. I guess this is my way of simplifying my life.

I may not have all the answers to life’s mystifying questions. However, my soul is content in knowing that I am aiming for heaven where all my questions will be answered, no matter how mind boggling these may be.

So, how do you arrange it such that 1 nail is supporting all 12?

Here’s the solution…

Have an awesome day!!!

Somewhere in Miaoli

At the end of summer last year, Jimmy and I decided to go on a retreat. We wanted to look into what we really wanted in life. Jimmy found this tiny bed and breakfast cottage, tucked in the rural area of Miaoli. It was located beside a manmade lake. There are only three rooms for overnight stay, but the place is full of people who want to partake of their excellent meals.

I am sharing some photos we took while we were there.


People can dine underneath trees and even dip their feet into the water while eating their fine meal. That explains the chairs in the water.


I just woke up in this photo and I started writing my goals with a white feather pen. I just love the atmosphere.


The lake takes on different moods depending on the time of the day.


The place is 勻淨湖. Thanks to Jimmy for writing down the name of the place.

Have a great day, everyone!

Peaceful Protest Rally

Last Saturday’s protest rally was quite peaceful. We were a huge group of people who came from all over Taiwan. I did not take any photos because I had my hands full of water bottles, placards, and of course, the ubiquitous umbrella. There were so many cameras that I’m sure our images will be taking up a lot of space in numerous Facebook pages.

The rally was really about justice. Before the group presented the petition for just compensation, there was a short skit, dancing and singing, as well as speeches outside City Hall.

We joined the protest to support the group, and not to make trouble. Many people who join protest rallies, just to be heard. I saw an elderly lady talking to one of the many policemen who were monitoring the rally. I do hope that the city will give a favorable response to the petition to create a win-win situation.

To end this post, I will share a photo of a puzzle. I will give the answer to the puzzle in one of my subsequent posts.

The puzzle: There are 13 nails and a wooden box. How does one arrange the nails so that one nail supports all the other 12?

It looks impossible, but it is doable. It’s just like the problems in life. They may seem overwhelming a lot of times, but there is always a solution to them.

Have fun!

Joined protest rally

Can’t write long today. Joined protest rally and had a great time seeing old and new friends. It was peaceful. Will write about it next time.

In the meantime, here are a couple of photos of baked goodies thanks to my friend, Malou.

Banana walnut bread

Meat buns

Have a great weekend everyone!!!


I have always loved rainbows. They signify hope for mankind. The rainbow is a sign of God’s covenant with Noah that never again will there be a great flood on earth. The song, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” always makes me teary-eyed. It brings back memories of growing up with the entire family together through thick and thin. These days, we are scattered over the world, with me and my family being able to go home twice a year, as we are the closest to home.

At one time, while I was grappling with the major decision of marrying Jimmy and leaving my family and my medical practice behind, I asked God for a sign. I have always consulted God when making major decisions.

I wanted to obtain God’s blessings if I should migrate to a foreign land. After a week long retreat, I went to mass. As I was walking back to the car, I looked back at the church and saw …a rainbow! It was a bright sunny morning, and it wasn’t even showering. I took the rainbow as a sign from God saying, “Yes!” That is what gave me the courage to commit. Years later, when friends would wonder how I got the courage to leave everything and move to a country where I did not speak the language, I tell them the story of the rainbow.

Through the years, when life would become a puzzle, I never forgot to consult God. I have so many questions, and God is the only One who does not get tired of listening to me.

God is our loving Father who wants what’s best for us. He has a sense of humor, too. Thus, when God  wants to say, “Absolutely yes!!!” This is what He sends:

My question at that time was, “God should I choose this career? I was not trained for this.” And this is God’s reply. The double rainbow stayed for a long time and we were able to take several shots with our cell phones.

So, here I am…enjoying every bit of this career, despite the ups and downs we have encountered. I wrote this post to remind myself that God is in control, and that I must trust in His Divine Providence, and so can you.

Good day to all!

Up in Suau…

Suau is located in northern Taiwan. It’s a very long train for us residing in the middle of the island, but it was all worth it. Here are some photos of the luxurious resort, RSL, we went to.

The foyer…it was Halloween time.

There are many pools outside and inside the buildings.

The food is superb!

There is a beautiful fountain!

On the way back, I took a photo of a rich man’s house near the sea from the train window.

This was one of the best birthday presents I ever received.

Thank you Jimmy!

Confessions of a Junk Food Mama

I was a junk food Mama. I loved processed food (for the convenience), and I hated fruits and vegetables. I only ate vegetables when I got pregnant. After pregnancy, I would go back to my old eating habits. My eldest son was only eight months when I got pregnant again. Together, we ate frozen everything while watching TV. For me, cooking was reheating frozen meals. We had decent meals only when my husband would bring us out to eat, after he came home from work at the hospital.

Life was very much like this until we were able to get foreign help. We hired the people who were with our family back home when I was a teenager. We got to eat home cooked meals then. Nonetheless, our home always had chips, drinks, and cookies, as well as processed meat in the pantry. When our youngest started school, we could not hire foreign help at all. It was back to eating out and frozen meals for the family. My kids started praying that I try cooking once in a while.

This went on until the day I noticed that I had to buy new clothes every year. I started eating less but would eat a “heavy breakfast,” since I was always told to eat a good breakfast. I felt that burgers, chips and soda was good. After all, I substituted soda for coffee. Alarm set in when I went to buy a swimsuit and had to get the XL size! That was terrible! I was always a small size until I had three kids. Then I went up to medium and the last few years I had to get a large once in a while, but XL? It was unthinkable. Years before, we joined a health club but since it was an hour away, we gave up and decided to cancel the membership. I lost 1 kilo after and gained it back again.

Finally, I told my husband that I want a special exercise chair for my birthday. This chair is supposed to move my body hula hoop style while I sat on it, and I will lose my belly fat that way. Talk about being desperate and gullible! Two months before my birthday, Jimmy and I met our weight management instructor. The rest is history. Jimmy and I lost 17 and 10 kilos respectively.

I went from a size XL to XS in 6 months. My Mom complained that I looked cachectic, so I gained weight to achieve a size S to M depending on the brand. Gaining weight is easy. It’s the losing weight that is more complicated. Jimmy and I succeeded because we worked as a team. If I was trying to lose weight but Jimmy was not, then I doubt that I would have succeeded.

We have since decided to help our friends lose weight. Three things we always tell people who ask us are:
1.) Never go hungry. Eat three meals a day.
2.) Eat your fruits, veggies, protein, and carbohydrates for every meal.
3.) Avoid the white menace: white flour, white sugar, white rice.

We always substitute, like brown sugar and rice for white sugar and rice respectively.

The good thing about changing our lifestyle is the energy and happiness we felt was we aged. W still eat, but it’s mostly home cooked meals now. I have learned to cook! Yay! I have a friend who cooks and bakes. She uses our kitchen to test her recipes. I just cook the simple stuff.

Here are some of our staples in the house:

Chocolate, cinnamon, oatmeal cookies


Flourless chocolate cake


But always, we have veggies.


…and fruits


This post was inspired by Glenn Pendlay, whose blog: https://glennpendlay.wordpress.com/2012/05/20/im-pissed/,
made it to freshly pressed.

Carton King Park

Carton King Park is a very interesting place. The furniture is made of cardboard, the curtains are made of paper, and the plates, cups, and other amenities are made of either paper or cardboard. It’s a good thing the food does not taste like cardboard.


Even the high chair for children is made of cardboard.


The beverage box can be recycled and used for a piggy bank.


The atmosphere is relaxed and inviting.






Outside the restaurant, visitor can stroll down the meandering path that reminds one of fairytales, where pumpkins turn into carriages. This is another great place to visit, if only for its uniqueness.


Mango Season is here!


Mango season is here in Taiwan. The miniature mangoes featured in this photo are grown in Pingtung county. Last year, after showing this photo on Facebook, our fruit vendor complained that she was not able to get her supply anymore. These mangoes are so lusciously sweet they can be quite addicting. The best way to eat them is to wash and refrigerate them. We just peel off the skin and pop them into our mouth. Then we spit the pit.

I can’t wait to taste them again. I do hope that the growers were able to grow more this time. They are one of the best tasting mangoes around.

The peppers are also very sweet. They are good for a summer salad. So, if you are visiting Taiwan around this time of the year, be sure to look for these. They are sure to give your taste buds a heavenly treat.